Recycling Cart and Family Recycling The Recycling Division is responsible for ensuring that recyclable materials collected are recoverable and do not include contamination (the placing of prohibited items that cannot be placed in your curbside recycling cart). To accomplish this, the division focuses on education, outreach, monitoring and constantly improving the Department’s comprehensive recycling program.

Recycling Accepted Items Listed By Material Category

Recycling Program Requirements

  • All accepted recyclables must be larger than the size of your fist.
  • Leave items free and loose (not bagged).
  • Only refer to the accepted items listed and do not use the plastic resin number as a guide for recycling. Not all items from the same resin numbers are accepted, for example, a number 1 plastic bottle is accepted but a number 1 plastic wrap packaging is not accepted.
  • Place the cart at the curb the night before your designated pickup day, or before 6 a.m. on your pickup day. Cart must be removed from the curb by end of the service day.
  • All recyclable material must be inside the cart for collection.
  • Ensure your cart lid is down to prevent items from getting wet.

Recycling Drop Off Stations

McKay Bay Refuse-To-Energy Facility

114 S. 34th Street, Tampa, FL 33605

Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri – 7 am to 5:30 pm, Wed & Sat – 7 am to 4:30 pm

University of South Florida Recycling Center

504 USF Sycamore Drive, Tampa, FL 33617

Mon to Sun – 7 am to 8 pm

HCC Ybor City Campus

1400 E. 9th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602

Mon to Sun – 7 am to 8 pm

Missed Pickups/Green Recycling Cart Requests:


Utilities Call Center – service request calls for new or missed service

(813) 274-8811

Recycling Coordinator– Shelby Lewis

(813) 348-1027

Email: [email protected]

Recycling Specialist– Edgar Castro Tello

(813) 348-6504

Email: [email protected]